As a freelance photo editor and independent photographer and image professional I put my focus on worldwide news-based stories and productions. In the role of a multimedia photojournalist, I find myself often in a search of contrasts , diversity, and curiosity, in which my goal is to discover the story behind the things I see and encounter. The outcome is a creation of exceptional stories with the use of (moving) images and text.

In the beginning of 2016, I gained my bachelor’s degree in journalism while graduating at the School of Journalism in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I’m currently living in Utrecht and work for several news media and commercial clients.

If you are interested in my photos, or if you have any questions in general, feel free to drop me an e-mail or contact me by phone. For direct assignments call me on my Dutch phone: +31 6 24 28 11 61. Looking for a more personal approach? See my social media! Since 2017 I’am represented by Dutch photo bureau Hollandse Hoogte.

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